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February 3, 2013

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Americans will be grappling with a number of sensitive and critical issues throughout 2013 and beyond.  Some new, some old and some never-ending – concerns about race, religion, violence, politics, guns, climate change, war and civic responsibility are just some of the issues that may polarize all or segments of the nation.  We The People will bring awareness to different viewpoints in the hopes of educating its readership.  Please be encouraged to join in and share your perspective.

Moments in time On This Day … In 1920 the Negro Baseball League was founded.

Moses Fleetwood Walker, possibly the first African American major league baseball player. National Baseball Hall of Fame / Wikipedia

Black baseball pioneer Octavius V. Catto 1839 – 1871, Broadbent and Phillips, Albumen silver print, 1871, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Rube Foster – Former Negro League Pitcher, Manager and Executive. Also a former Boston Red Sox pitcher from the 20th century.


Keokuk, Iowa, baseball club featuring Bud Fowler, 1885, the first professional black baseball player with one of his teams. Identifications: Back row: Schomberg, O’Brien, Bud Fowler, Corcoran, Decker. Middle row: Harrington. Front row: Kennedy, Van Dyke, Dugdale, Hudson, Harter. National Baseball Library / Wikipedia

800px-1924_Negro_League_World_Series (1)

The two opposing teams line up at the 1924 Colored World Series J.E. Mille[r], K.C./ Wikipedia

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