Ghana’s Shining Star

January 30, 2012

Business, Trends

By:  George Addison

Fashions for a New Era by Felix Anaman

Article first published as Ghana’s Shining Star on Technorati

“It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end,classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together”

Alexander McQueen

A new star is shining brilliantly in the world of fashion.  Ghanaian designer Felix Anaman showcased his fabulous 2012 Spring/Summer Clothing Collection during last years BK Fashion Week event in New York City. The successful and talented Anaman provided fashion enthusiasts with a range of African print fabrics that are fresh, elegant, vibrant, colorful and unique with his own Ghanaian flare.  Breaking into an industry that employs thousands of people andFashion Designer Felix Anaman generates billions of dollars worldwide is an overwhelming challenge for anyone.

But that’s exactly what makes Anaman’s journey so interesting. His passion and love of fashion has resulted in the development and creation of the “Felix Anaman Clothing “ label.  He is one of a number of Ghanaian designers striving to get worldwide recognition and acceptance for an industry that is still growing in his native country.  Ghanaian fashion experts and other industry professionals hope to take another giant step forward when they launch the 2012 Ghana Fashion and Design Week scheduled for August 23rd – 25th in Accra, Ghana.

Anaman became known for his outstanding work on various pageants throughout Ghana and built a solid reputation for his creative designs.  In an earlier interview, I asked Anaman what drives and motivates his commitment to fashion.  He said, “I love fashion so much, that for me I would do anything for it.

Back in high school I studied business, but my passion for fashion grew stronger. Anytime there was entertainment organized by the school they would call on me to put on a fashion show. So my interest and passion constantly grew from there. Since then I said to myself, why don’t I give my whole heart to the fashion industry?

So I came from a background with no technical know how, no skill, with nothing.  I didn’t even know how to put pieces together to do a garment.  But I took the passion that I had and was able to give myself a year at the Vogue School of Fashion and Design in Accra and before I could finish I had the opportunity to sponsor one of the representatives for the Ms. Ghana pageant in 2002, and from that I started my business with basically nothing, no capital.”

Anaman credits God and a healthy contingent of supporters for his growing success.  He’s grateful for America supporting his dream and for recognizing Ghana’s fashion industry.

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One Comment on “Ghana’s Shining Star”

  1. ghanabakwamena Says:

    …Great work Felix, I’m proud of you.
    Very interesting revelations- I know you’ve got more up your sleeves… Show the fashion world how its done- “AYEKOO”

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