First Lady Michelle Obama Visits the Bluegrass State

February 24, 2012


Louisville Fundraiser Energizes Supporters

By:  George Addison

Article first published as First Lady Michelle Obama Visits the Bluegrass State on Technorati.

It was in 2008 that the state of Kentucky broke a 44-year streak of selecting presidents by voting for republican John McCain and giving him the state’s eight electoral votes.  But few would know that fact if they were looking at the crowd of people attending the Obama fundraiser held at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage Museum located in Louisville, Kentucky’s Russell neighborhood.

More than 1,000 attendees gathered to meet and hear First Lady Michelle Obama speak about the challenges facing the president’s re-election campaign. Louisville has provided Obama with about half of the total funds raised in Kentucky, and the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage Museum event further added to the president’s overall fundraising lead in the Bluegrass State over GOP rival Mitt Romney.

Residents said the visit by the First Lady lifted the spirits of local supporters in an area that’s struggling with unemployment, crime and housing concerns.  It was her first visit since her husband became president-elect in 2008.  In her comments the First Lady reminded the energized crowd about the accomplishments of President Obama and that he understands their struggles and what’s at stake for families.  Emphasizing to them that the country is at a fundamental crossroad in our nation’s history and that the choice they make in November will affect future generations for decades.

She further stated, “ So make no mistake about it, whether it is healthcare, the economy, whether it’s education, foreign policy — truly the choice we make will determine nothing less than who we are as a country.  But more importantly, it will determine who we want to be.  Who do we want to be?  Will we be a country where opportunity is limited to just the few at the top?  Or will we be a place where if you work hard, you can get ahead, no matter who you are or how you started out?  Who are we?”

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