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March 1, 2012

Business / Career

Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Acquisition Management, Region IV, 61 Forsyth Street Atlanta GA 30303

99 — Superfund Construction Services PR-R4-12-00001 031612 Lynette Rocke, Phone 4045628428, Email – Michael E. Allen, Contracting Officer, Phone (404) 562-8393, Fax (404) 562-8210, Email This Modification is hereby issued to change the Classification Code      FROM:    C — Architect and Engineering Services TO:  99 – MISCELLANEOUS .   “THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT SYNOPSIS AND IS NOT A SOLICITATION ANNOUNCEMENT.” Market Research and Sources Sought Notice for information on capability and availability of potential contractors interested in proposing on an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) for construction services to support implementation of remedial response, time critical and non-time critical removal activities under the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA), as amended by the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA); and the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act pursuant to the Federal Response Plan (FRP) and other laws to help address and/or mitigate endangerment to the public health, welfare or environment, and to support States and communities in preparing for responses to releases of hazardous substances, as well as counter-terrorism. This Contract shall not provide the above services for activities on Federal facilities. Contract services include performance of on-site removal and remedial construction, site management of removal and remedial actions; construction management for implementing removal and remedial actions, including issuing and managing subcontracts for construction of the selected remedy and overseeing construction, and other technical assistance, including sampling and analysis support as well as long-term response actions. The EPA Region 4 includes the following states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Kentucky. The combined area of these states is hereafter referred to as the Region. The contractor shall provide response services for implementing time critical and non-time critical removal actions, remedial actions, and long term remedial response actions to mitigate or eliminate any hazard or damage to the environment resulting from a release or threat of release of hazardous substances, oil and other contaminants or pollutants to the environment for the states that comprise the EPA Region 4. The contractor may be tasked to provide response services outside the Region through Regional “crossovers”. If these services are needed from other EPA Regions, the required response time and other terms and conditions for the action shall be mutually agreed upon by the contractor’s representative and the Contracting Officer at the time of issuance of a Task Order. The contractor shall provide all labor, materials and equipment necessary to perform the specific response services described in the individual Task Order Performance Work Statement (PWS). Individual Task Orders will reference this PWS and will include required tasks related to specific sites. All remedial actions and clean-up activities shall be conducted in accordance with the NCP, 40 CFR Part 300, and other guidance as applicable from the EPA Superfund Program. The Contractor shall be capable of preparing and submitting technical proposals, and reports to the government for review and approval. The Government shall make all final policy and regulatory decisions resulting from contractor-provided advice and assistance under this contract. Response activities shall support EPA’s obligations under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), Oil Pollution Act (OPA), Stafford Act, Homeland Security Act of 2002, as well as any future laws or regulations promulgated pertaining to EPA’s obligations. The contractor shall assure that responses are conducted in accordance with the technical direction outlined in the Task Order or as provided by OSCs or RPMs on Daily or Weekly Work Orders. SEE ATTACHED EXAMPLE TASKS The proposed contract shall not exceed five (5) years. Sources are being sought for firms with a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code of 562910 with a Small Business Size Standard of 500. Responses are requested with the following information, which shall not exceed a total of eight pages. 1. Offerors’ name, address, points of contact with telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. 2. Business size/classification to include any designations as Small Business, HUBZone, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, 8(a) or Women Owned Small Business shall be indicated on first page of submission. 3. Financial Assurance Capabilities (construction bonding level per single contract and aggregate e.g.; construction bonding level, both expressed in dollars; along with current available bonding capacity. 4. Description of capability to perform the proposed synopsis, manage subcontractors, prepare and comply with various environmental document and permits, and capacity to execute this project with other ongoing contracts. 5. Description of capability to perform the proposed synopsis, manage subcontractors, prepare and comply with various environmental documents and permits, and capacity to execute this project with other ongoing contracts. 6. Past performance/experience on projects of similar scope and magnitude, describing no more than five (5) projects that are at least 75% complete within the past five years. The past performance information should include project title, location, general description to demonstrate relevance to the proposed synopsis, the Offerors’ role, dollar value of contract, and name of the company, agency or government entity for which the work was performed with contact information (reference name, phone number and e-mail address). Responses should be submitted via e-mail to Lynette Rocke, Contract Specialist at You may also mail submittals or send overnight courier to US Environmental Protection Agency, 61 Forsyth Street, Atlanta, GA 30303. ATTN: Acquisition Management Section. Submittals are due no later than March 16, 2012, 4:30 Eastern Standard time. Submittals will not be returned. Telephone responses will not be honored. This is not a Request for Proposal, only a Request for Information. No award will result from this Sources Sought. This notice does not constitute any commitment by the Government. Teaming arrangements are acceptable. Past performance experience should be clearly identified for all partners. Set-Aside: Total Small Business Place of Performance: US Environmental Protection Agency 61 Forsyth Street Atlanta, GA 30303 US URL:
OutreachSystems Article Number: 120229/PROCURE/0506
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General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service (PBS), Property Development Division (WPC), 7th and D Streets, S.W., Room 2002 Washington DC 20407

99 — REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS – DESIGN COMPETITION NCPCTempArtCompetition 031312 Mary Pineda, Contracting Officer, Phone 202-205-8468, Fax 202.780-4982, Email – Jilayne Willhoite, Contract Specialist, Phone 202-260-4445, Fax 202.780-4982, Email REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS, DESIGN COMPETITION DUE March 13, 2012, 3:00PM   Beyond Granite: A Design Competition for a Temporary Commemorative Installation at the Ariel Rios Hemicycle, Washington, DC Introduction The US General Services Administration (GSA), working with the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC), announces a competition for a temporary commemorative installation at the Ariel Rios Hemicycle, on 12 th Street NW, Washington, DC, adjacent to the Ariel Rios Federal Building, which houses the headquarters of the US Environmental Protection Agency. The winning proposal will feature a site-specific, temporary work that commemorates the founding principles and legacy of Earth Day-an environmental subject not otherwise represented in the city’s commemorative landscape-and which does so in a way that expands the palette of form and material for commemorative works in Washington. Project Background Historically, commemorative installations and memorials in Washington have been designed for the ages. They tend to feature works of stone and granite, set within a solemn landscape that often encompasses multiple acres dedicated solely to a commemorative purpose. Construction costs are high; recent projects range between sixty to one hundred twenty million dollars in costs. The Commemorative Works Act established a process for evaluating the subject matter, location, and form of permanent commemorative works in the Washington region, and the process can be complex and lengthy. It begins with an act of Congress, and often takes 10 years until project realization.   In 2010, NCPC sponsored a forum entitled Beyond Granite: Global Approaches to Public Art and Placemaking .   The program featured public artists and arts administrators discussing temporary works such as the World Trade Center Tribute in Light and London’s Fourth Plinth program in Trafalgar Square. Panelists discussed how a program of temporary commemorative works could be used to enrich the cultural landscape in Washington, DC, by providing a means to recognize issues and events that might not otherwise fit within the confines of the Commemorative Works Act, while alleviating the pressure of demands for permanent memorial sites in the Monumental Core. Such a program would also create opportunities for artists to experiment with new and dynamic kinds of designs and materials.   The Beyond Granite competition has been conceived to pick up where this conversation left off. The goal of the competition is to encourage more public dialogue about alternative ways to commemorate, and also to experiment with temporary forms of commemoration that can contribute to more vital public spaces within the nation’s capital.  Site Description The site is a grassy semi-circle along 12 th Street NW in the Federal Triangle area of Washington, DC. Immediately in front of the Ariel Rios Federal Building, it is known as the Ariel Rios Hemicycle. Although the site is adjacent to the Federal Triangle Metrorail Station and is a nexus for vehicular and pedestrian traffic moving between the National Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue and between the Old Post Office Pavilion and the Woodrow Wilson Plaza, the site itself is underutilized and undistinguished. Through the competition, NCPC and GSA seek to activate the site and make it a more memorable and attractive public space.  Concurrent with this competition, NCPC and GSA will be making permanent site enhancements such as new seating and improvements to the landscaping. Any other proposed modifications to the site must not permanently impact the façade of the historic Ariel Rios Federal Building, and also must not adversely affect the operations or structure of the Metrorail station located under the site.  Competition Theme While the overall objective of this competition is to explore opportunities created through temporary forms of commemoration, a theme has been identified to provide a focus for competition submissions-that of Earth Day. Earth Day began, and continues as, a grass-roots effort to promote environmental awareness and broaden responsibility for our planet. It is now the largest civic observance in the world, with more than 1 billion people participating. Earth Day continues to inspire individuals, businesses, diverse organizations and communities. Since the first Earth Day in 1970, this annual awareness and educational event has broadened support for environmental actions and programs at the local, national and international levels. In fact, some of the early Earth Day celebrations are now remembered for launching modern environmental awareness. In the U.S., Earth Day inspired passage of many groundbreaking environmental laws and helped lead to the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency, whose offices are housed immediately adjacent to the competition site.    NCPC and GSA seek proposals that embody defining precepts of the founding of Earth Day, its legacy, and environmentally sustainable practices. Works should inspire the audience to reflect upon the impact of Earth Day over the past 40 years, environmental achievements going forward, and the challenges that remain. Works also should be site specific, designed to respond to the Hemicycle’s urban form and context. Scope of Work The selected Artist/Designer (or, if a team, the designated Lead Artist/Designer) will be responsible for producing a final design for NCPC and GSA approval. Once approved, the selected Artist/Designer may be contracted to develop the design and fabricate and install the project, resulting in a public display at the hemicycle for a period of up to one year (estimated April 22, 2013 – April 22, 2014).   The Artist/Designer will be responsible for producing or subcontracting fabrication, transportation, site preparation, installation, maintenance, and/or de-installation, and other services, as needed. Services required of the contracted artist/designer or team may include, but will not be limited to, site visits, concept design documents, design development documents, working drawings, fabrication documents, specifications, cost estimates, presentations, site preparation services, fabrication services, installation, and post-fabrications services. Ongoing coordination with GSA and NCPC will be required.   The total possible time frame of the project from award of contract to de-installation is anticipated to last between 19 – 21 months (depending on contract award date and final installation date). Budget This project is SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS .   The total cost range of this temporary commemorative work is between $200,000 to $300,000.    The value includes all costs associated with, but not limited to: presentations, design fees, travel, insurance, project materials, fabrication, and transportation of work to the site, site preparation, installation, maintenance, de-installation, and documentation. Selection Process This is a request for Qualification (RFQ) of an Artist/Designer interested in contracting for this temporary commemorative installation.   The Artist/Designer will be designated as the Lead if a team is involved, and is the individual who will have primary responsibility to conceive the design concept and the temporary commemorative installation’s fabrication, installation and deinstallation.    There are two stages to the design competition to select a winning submission. This RFQ represents STAGE I of the competition. Evaluation of all submissions in STAGE I and STAGE II will be conducted by an Evaluation Board, which will make a recommendation to the GSA Selection Authority on the final selection. The Evaluation Board may include representatives from NCPC, GSA, Commission of Fine Arts and private sector professional peers in the fields of art, architecture, history of memorials, and urban planning.  Advisors will include individuals with new media, performance art, or other discipline experience as required.    The process for selection in two stages is as follows: In STAGE I , Artists/Designers interested in contracting for this work will submit information about themselves, their teams and portfolios of accomplishment that establish their capabilities, as well as a preliminary vision statement for the commemorative installation based on information provided in this Request for Qualifications (RFQ). From this first round of submissions, an Evaluation Board will establish a short-list of approximately five Artists/Designers who are most qualified for the purposes of this competition. In STAGE II , short-listed Artists/Designers will be notified and asked to develop conceptual proposals for the commemorative installation in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP).   The RFP will include detailed guidelines, evaluation criteria, and final information about submission requirements and the site.   Soon after the RFP is issued, short-listed Artists/Designers (and their teams) will be invited to a Q&A session and site visit, and then given time to develop their proposals.   At the site visit, site conditions will be relayed. The STAGE II proposal submission requirements will consist of a written statement describing the concept, schedule and budget, and a 45-minute in-person interview and presentation using boards as well as digital material/slides. More specific information about STAGE II proposal submission requirements will be given to short-listed Artists/Designers along with the RFP.   The purpose of the RFP design review is to further evaluate the Artist/Designer (and team) qualifications, and the design for the temporary commemorative installation.   After reviewing all submitted materials and interviewing candidates, the Evaluation Board will recommend a winning candidate for Lead Artist/Designer to the GSA Selection Authority for approval.   A stipend will be offered to the short-listed artists/designers to assist with the purposes above.   The stipend will be paid following submission of the Stage II design.  All submitted materials become the property of the U.S. Government and may or may not be the basis, whole or in part, for the development of the final commemorative installation and may be posted to the competition website. Eligibility All experienced, practicing artists and/or designers are encouraged to apply. Artists/designers may work as individuals or teams, and may work in a variety of media. Proposed projects may be individual projects, team projects, or projects consisting of multiple works and artists. If submitting as a team, a Lead Artist/Designer must be identified.  To be considered eligible, the Lead Artist/Designer must be an American citizen or be a permanent resident of the US, and submit all required materials in the formats, and  with the page/character limits, described in the “Submission Requirements” section below. Project team members from NCPC and GSA will screen all responses to the RFQ for eligibility. Submission Requirements and Evaluation Criteria Submission materials for STAGE I shall be submitted as follows : ONE HARD COPY and ONE CD of the materials listed below, following the formats and size limitations listed. Submissions shall be sent to : Mary E. Pineda, Contracting Officer, Office of Planning and Design Quality, GSA/NCR, 301 7th Street, S.W., Room 4004, Washington, DC, 20407 by no later than 3:00 P.M. on 13 March 2012 via an overnight carrier with a tracking/receipt system. Percentages of valuation are given in parenthesis after each factor: (1) Cover Letter (5%): Submit a cover letter (8-1/2″ x 11″ format, one-page maximum, single-sided, titled: lastname_firstname_CoverLetter) referencing the FBO announcement and briefly identifying and describing the artist/designer or team, the proposed Lead Artist/Designer (if for a team), and noteworthy accomplishments. Include acknowledgement of the proposed Lead Artist/Designer’s U.S. citizenship/permanent residency.   (2) Portfolio (55%): Submit a portfolio representative of you/your team’s artistic and/or design ability and demonstration of your ability to complete an installation, consisting of the following: a) Work Sample Images: Include examples of past work in the form of no more than five (5) digital images (count includes any images of details), in JPEG format ( 300 dpi at 10″square with files no bigger than 6MB) Image files should be titled in the following format: lastname_firstname_imagenumber (ex: Smith_Joe_01). Do not include label information in the JPEG image. One image per JPEG is preferred. However, if you need to convey a project’s complexity using multiple images, please make an effort to have no more than three views per JPEG compositeOnly five images may be submitted to represent an entire team.              b) Work Sample Narrative, to correspond with the images of examples of past work (8-1/2″ x 11″ format, titled lastname_firstname_WorkSampleNarrative). The Work Sample Narrative should include: image number, title of project, location of installation, client, dimensions, materials, construction techniques, contractors (where relevant), and total budget for the project.             c) Three (3) Letters of Recommendation (if a team, submit 3 for team or at least 2 of the 3 for proposed Lead Artist/Designer). Files should be titled: lastname_firstname_RecLetter.   In evaluating the above-listed portfolio materials, the Evaluation Board will consider artistic excellence and achievement as evidenced by the materials submitted, as well as the relevance of the artist/designer’s previous professional experience to this project and the artist/designer’s experience with projects of similar scale and scope, including demonstrated ability to successfully collaborate with public agencies. (3) Profile (10%): Submit a Resume/Biographical sketch that outlines the Lead Artist/Designer’s education, professional experience, and professional accomplishments inclusive of examples and specific successful achievements in public projects (8-1/2″ x 11″ format, maximum three pages, single-sided).   Resumes for team members should be no longer than three pages. In evaluating the Lead Artist/Designer profile, the Evaluation Board will consider overall experience and achievement, as well as relevance of the Artist/Designer’s previous professional experience to this project and the Artist/Designer’s experience with projects of similar scale and scope, including demonstrated ability to successfully collaborate with public agencies. (4) Vision Statement (30%): Submit a statement (8-1/2″ x 11″ format, 5000 characters, including spaces, maximum) in the proposed Lead Artist/Designer’s own words, that shares your vision, and the conceptual approach you would take to this project. The statement should present a sense of the quality of your thinking and level of expertise.   In evaluating this statement, the Board will look for evidence of the Artist/Designer’s understanding of competition theme and goals and ability to convey concepts clearly; an approach that addresses commemoration through nontraditional forms and materials; an approach that has the potential to engage and resonate with the public; an approach that is responsive to the surrounding environment and has the potential to integrate well with the urban environment. Please note that specific project proposals are not requested at this time and will not be reviewed by the committee.   Schedule                            Mar 13, 2012                             Deadline for RFQ submission Mar/Apr, 2012                           Short List of competitors notified Apr, ’12                                         RFP issued to finalists   Apr/June, ’12                             Site Visit, Proposals developed June, ’12                                      Deadline for submissions in response to RFP   June/July, ’12                              Finalists present proposals Aug ’12                                        Winning proposal announced A ug/Dec ’12                               Award Contract (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS) Spring/Summer ’13               Installation Spring/Summer ’13 – ’14      Public Display                                          Submission Deadline Materials must be submitted to the Contracting Officer, Mary Pineda, by 3:00pm local time, March 13, 2012 via an overnight carrier with a tracking/receipt system. Notification GSA will acknowledge receipt of submissions. GSA will send invitations for interviews/proposal stage or notification of non-selection by April 16, 2012.   Questions    All questions are due by no later than 3:00 PM on 22 February 2012 and must be addressed in writing to the GSA Contracting Officer via email with cc: jilayne .   Do not contact the NCPC with inquiries concerning this solicitation.   All questions about the competition process, guidelines, or other content contained on the competition website located at: must also be submitted by no later than February 22, 2012. Place of Performance: Washington, DC US URL:
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Department of the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, WR-ALC, WR-ALC/PK Acquisition Opportunities 235 Byron St,,, Warner Robins GA 31098-1611

R — C-5 Engineering Requirements Review (ERR) Program FA8525-12-R-31240 031312 Donald J. Lyles, Contract Specialist, Phone 478-926-0552, Email – LaToya Brown, Contract Officer, Phone 478-926-5110, Email This notice of intent is not a request for competitive proposals at this time. Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (WR-ALC), Galaxy Division, WR-ALC/GRS, Robins Air Force Base (AFB), Georgia, 31098-2122 (C-5) intends to award a competitive contract for services for the sustainment of a maintenance program in support of the overall C-5 scheduled maintenance goals consistent with MSG-3 philosophy. The foundational elements of the program include: ERR engineering support, associated database sustainment, maintenance data analysis and StandardVisual Work Card (SVWC) sustainment. These sustaining engineering services shall provide the C-5 organization with engineering and analysis solutions that improve the sustainment of the aircraft. Together these services shall support fleet-wide reliability and availability requirements. The ERR program is comprised of disciplined processes and procedures, organizational, and systematic operating elements designed to improve aircraft repair productivity, with the overall goal of increasing aircraft mission capability, reliability and maintainability. The program includes processes that streamline the industrial and maintenance support practices for aircraft repair, provide improved visibility of recurring repair issues for tail numbers in the C-5 fleet, identify solutions to correct aircraft deficiencies, provide accurate forecasting of maintenance, provide support for the annual 20% Maintenance Requirements Supportability Process (MRSP) review and establish accurate performance metrics for quality, schedule and cost. Performance will take place in Warner Robins, GA. The Government intends to solicit award through a source selection in which all sources are eligible to compete. The anticipated contract period will be three years (one year basic period and two one-year option periods).

The approximate Request for Proposal (RFP) issue date is 13 March 2012 with a response date of 12 April 2012. The anticipated award date is 12 Jul 2012. Electronic procedures will be used for this RFP at only. Only written or electronic responses received directly from the requestor are acceptable. Offerors shall prepare their proposals in accordance with mandatory, explicit and detailed instructions contained in the RFP. Proposals will be evaluated and award made in accordance with the evaluation criteria stated in the RFP. The cognizant Contracting Office address is Aerospace Sustainment – C-5 Galaxy, WR-ALC/GRSKA, 235 Byron St. Suite 19A, Robins AFB, GA 31098. All questions regarding the RFP must be submitted in writing to with copy to No telephone requests will be honored and no hard copies will be provided. All questions and answers will be uploaded to However, the identity of the potential offeror will not be included. Offerors are encouraged to register to receive notification for solicitation and all amendments/revisions and to check the FEDBIZOPPS site prior to submission of proposal.   Place of Performance: 235 Byron St. Robins AFB, GA 31098 US URL:
OutreachSystems Article Number: 120228/PROCURE/0063
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Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service, Dallas Office of Engineering Services, 1301 Young Street Suite 1071 Dallas TX 75202

R — Engineering Services Support for the Sanitation Facilities Construction Branch, Tucson IHS 12-161-SOL-00008 032812 Dan D. Finley, Contracting Officer, Phone 2147675255, Fax 2147675194, Email This acquisition is set-aside for small business participation. The applicable North American Industry Classification (NAICS) code is 541330. The small business size standard for this NAICS code is average annual revenue $14 Million or less. Only proposals from firms meeting this size standard will be considered. The Division of Engineering Services, on behalf of the Sanitation Facilities Construction Branch (SFCB), Tucson IHS Area Office, solicits proposals for Engineering Services to support SFCB programs under the responsibility of the Tucson IHS Area Office. The estimated quantity of engineering services hours that will be required monthly is 265. However, the Indian Health Service plans to award a Requirements-type services contract under this solicitation, and the quantity of hours estimated is not a guarantee of any specific amount of engineering services work under the resultant contract.

1. Required Services The Contractor shall prepare written guidelines, procedures, reports and technical specifications, perform records management duties, conduct engineering evaluations and investigations, plan and design sanitation facilities construction projects, and conduct home inventory field surveys and associated data entry of survey results. The Contractor shall provide specific staff members nominated in the proposal and accepted by the IHS to perform all work required under this contract. The individual staff members may be changed or substitutions put in place only after a written request has been formally approved by the Contracting Officer. A. Place of Duty & Duty Hours -The primary place of duty for the contractor’s employees will be the Tucson IHS Area Office, Division of Environmental Health and Engineering, Sanitation Facilities Construction Branch, 7900 South J. Stock Road, Tucson, Arizona 85746. Duty hours may vary as appropriate for interaction with SFCB staff of the Tucson IHS Area Office. B. Work Oversight and Government-Provided Work Tools – Contractor employees’ work assignments will be provided by an IHS technical advisor in terms of defining project objectives, general methods, priorities, and deadlines for each major assignment. The Government will provide office space and allow the Contractor employees use of hardware, software and other engineering tools appropriate and adequate to perform assigned tasks.

2. Required Qualifications The contractor employees provided under any resultant contract shall possess the following minimum qualifications: • Design Capabilities – Must have knowledge and experience in the design of water and sewer facilities and other civil engineering projects using Computer Aided Design (CAD). • Data Systems – Must have knowledge and skills in using data systems with the capability to learn specialized data systems for tracking homeowner inventory and project information. • Written Communication – Must have strong written communication skills with experience related to drafting guidelines and technical provisions and compiling final reports as related to sanitation facilities construction projects. • Education – Recognized Bachelor of Science Degree from an ABET-accredited university in Civil or Environmental Engineering, including satisfactory completion of course work covering the following topic areas: water supply, wastewater disposal, and fluid mechanics. • Professional Registration – Must possess current registration as a professional engineer in any U.S. state. 3. Evaluation Criteri a The proposal will be evaluated based on price, other price-related factors and responses to the Technical Evaluation Criteria. Price and other price related factors is an important aspect of the evaluation and will be assigned a weighting of 35% of the total evaluation. However, the Government is seeking to make an award for the proposal that provides the best overall value and might not award a contract to the offeror proposing the lowest rates depending on the attributes detailed in the response for theTechnical Evaluation Criteria, which are weighted 65% in total. Section M of the solicitation provides the details of the proposal evaluation criteria. 4. Offeror Submissions The Offeror must download and save/print the attached Request for Proposal (RFP) in order to review the work requirements in detail and provide all required documentation as part of the proposal. A link for downloading the RFP is at the upper right-hand side of this web page. Detailed instructions on proposal submittal requirements are contained in Section L of the RFP. Proposals are due no later than 2 pm, Central Time, March 28, 2012 . The address for submission is listed in Block 7 of the Standard Form 33, which is a part of the RFP document. 5. Questions Concerning the Solicitation Questions concerning this solicitation must be submitted in writing. This may be accomplished by email to: or by courier/US Mail to: Dan Finley, Contracting Officer, IHS/DES-Dallas, 1301 Young Street, Suite 1071, Dallas, TX 75202-5433. Questions will be considered only if received on or before 2pm, Central Time, March 16, 2012. Set-Aside: Total Small Business Place of Performance: 7900 South J. Stock Road Tucson, AZ 85746 US URL:
OutreachSystems Article Number: 120228/PROCURE/0073
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Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command, MICC, MICC Center – Fort Knox, MICC Center – Fort Knox, Directorate of Contracting, Building 1109B, Fort Knox, KY 40121-5000

99–This requirement is for Army Key Ring PPI 149. W9124D-12-T-0054 030212 James, (502) 624-4962 MICC Center – Fort Knox This requirement is for Army Key Ring PPI 149 IAW attached Specifications Document. Set-Aside: Total Small Business Place of Performance: MICC Center – Fort Knox Directorate of Contracting, Building 1109B Fort Knox KY 40121-5000 US URL:
OutreachSystems Article Number: 120228/PROCURE/0287
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USABIDS State and Local Purchases

Finance and Administration Cabinet, Office of Procurement Services, 702 Capitol Avenue, Room 096, Frankfort, KY 40601

U – LSCC-PRODUCT FOR RE-COATING OF SHOWERS – ADDENDUM #1. RFB 758 1200000477 2 DUE 22-MAR-2012 Jane Stamper; Phone: (502) 564-4510; Website: MEETING SITE VISIT SCHEDULED FOR MARCH 8, 2012. Closing Date Changed. Supervision, training on the application of Stonhard Epoxy for floor and walls (floors:- Stonshield Xpress. Walls: Stonglase vsf, or Dura-a-Flex, or Silikal ) or approved equal by other manufacturer. This project is for the demonstrate, training and supervise the for renovation of 2 showers at little sandy correctional complex. Supervision and training for preparation of walls and application of MMA (methyl methacrylate) resinous finish systems on concrete block shower walls and floor. Correctional facility shall provide labor, and vendor/contractor shall train the workforce for future product application to other showers. The vendor/contractor is to instruct and assist the agency regarding equipment to be provided by the agency which is needed to test and assure compliance with resinous coating manufacturer’s written instructions for substrate temperature, ambient temperature, moisture, ventilation, and other conditions affecting resinous flooring and wall application The vendor/contractor shall provide a list of required tools and required materials (excluding those to be part of the coating system) for the agency to purchase. The contractor must coordinate with the using agency to provide a plan to ventilate the work in such a way as to comply with all pertinent state, local and federal requirements including OSHA requirements. Contractor will also assure that the ventilation provided meets the requirements of the manufacturer. The contractor will advise and train the using agency regarding monitoring the building to assure compliance with all air quality requirements in terms of parts for million. The contractor will advise the using agency regarding any temporary construction, ducting, and ventilation system. Special considerations will be required to avoid fumes released oustide the building from reentering the building through the return air vents. All plans for ventilation construction must be approved by the architect and using agency to coordinate safety and security issues regarding the inmates. This work must comply with the requirements of the specifications and the supplementary general conditions regarding all items including but not limited to material requirements, execution, compliance with the institution’s rules, training of the workforce, bond testing and odor control.This information is believed to be correct, but should be verified with the issuing agency/organization.This information is believed to be correct, but should be verified with the issuing agency/organization.
OutreachSystems Article Number: 120228/BID/0353
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Louisville Metro Government – Division of Purchasing, 611 West Jefferson Street, Mezzanine Level, Louisville, KY 40202

R – BENEFITS BROKER SERVICES – ADDENDUM #1. RFP-2648-0-2012/TN DUE 05-MAR-2012 Tracey Neathery, Phone: 502-574-6396; Website: This update provides answers to questions asked by potential bidders. A price contract for a portion of Louisville Metro Government’s need for Benefits Broker Services for a twelve (12) month period, per the attached specifications. This information is believed to be correct, but should be verified with the issuing agency/organization.
OutreachSystems Article Number: 120228/BID/0365
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State of North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System North Carolina Division of Purchase and Contract:Located on the 4th Floor,:AdministrationBuilding:116 West Jones Street:Raleigh,NC:(919) 807-4500

T – Video Distribution Software Only Solution (Pitt County) SOL 56-1112-01-RFI Video Distribution Software Only Solution (Pitt County) This notice is provided by OutreachSystems ( For more information about this opportunity please contact the buyer directly.
OutreachSystems Article Number: 120228/BID/0701
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Kentucky State Procurement

Morehead State University, Office of Support Services, 160 Old Cranston Road, Morehead, KY 40351
R — PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT REVIEW CONSULTANT. RFP-05-12 DUE 26-MAR-2012 Phone: (606) 783-2018, Website: Morehead State University (MSU) is seeking proposals from qualified firms to assist with the review and redesign of a performance management system for full-time staff employees. The consultant will work with the Office of Human Resources to develop a plan evaluating the current performance management review system and design a contemporary approach for a future system that would better serve the needs of MSU. This notice is provided by the Kentucky Procurement Assistance Program. The information is believed to be correct, but should be verified with the issuing agency/organization.
OutreachSystems Article Number: 120228/KY/3408
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University of Louisville, Department of Purchasing, Louisville, KY

R — MAILING SERVICES. IB-65-12 DUE 15-MAR-2012 Terry Cutler; Phone: (502) 852-7211; Website: The University of Louisville is soliciting bids for Bulk Mailing and First Class Presort Automation Services, in accordance with the terms, conditions, and specifications of this Invitation to Bid. The University of Louisville Postal Services is the exclusive unit solely charged with the responsibility of providing all appropriate postal services to the entire university community, including the negotiation of any/all related service contracts. Directly soliciting University departments for mailing services other than those provided for in this Invitation to Bid and resultant contract is prohibited unless University Postal Services is included in any such transactions and/or discussions.This notice is provided by the Kentucky Procurement Assistance Program. The information is believed to be correct, but should be verified with the issuing agency/organization.
OutreachSystems Article Number: 120228/KY/3420
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