Romney and the New Republican Party

May 14, 2012

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Tea Party Message – Moderates Need Not Apply!

By:  George Addison

Article first published as Romney and the New Republican Party on Technorati.

President Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States and the first Republican elected to the office. His party represented the common man. Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and the Tea Party represent new Republican values. Photo Courtesy: Mark Taylor

In 1854, Ex-Wing Party and Free Soil Party activists wanted to stop the expansion of slavery. Together they founded the Republican Party and first came to power in 1860. They successfully elected Abraham Lincoln as President and acquired control of the Congress and northern states. Their early ideology was centered around the slogan “Free labor, free land, free men” and during 1861 – 1877 they managed to preserve the Union, end slavery, oversee the implementation of equal rights to all men as a result of the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Even to this day it was and still remains a difficult period in history for many Americans to reflect upon. The term “free labor” used by Republicans represented their opposition to slave labor and belief in businessmen and independent artisans. “Free land,” referred to their opposition to the plantation system that allowed wealthy people to buy up all the good farmland and work it with slaves, and leave free independent farmers with whatever was left over. Containing the expansion of slavery, causing the collapse of “Slave Power” in the south and expanding freedom was the central purpose and goal. Some might even suggest the founding party members stood on principle to effect long-term change.

Now a new Republican Party spearheaded by Tea Party activists with libertarian and conservative viewpoints is emerging to once again effect change in American politics and society. It’s still debatable on whether it was Ron Paul during his 2007 presidential campaign along with anti-tax/ anti-war protestors or user Gmak that founded the organization, which is loosely based on the theme of America’s “Boston Tea Party.”

With this perspective in mind fast forward to the recently concluded 2012 Republican presidential primary race and the mean spirited rhetoric with undertones of racism, sexism and over the top support for the super rich. You have to ask yourself how Republicans strayed so far from their initial principles of supporting the common man. A party that continually refers to the Constitution and free enterprise should know that history, not revisionist history, truly matters.

U.S. Republican Senator Dick Lugar lost his Indiana re-election bid to Tea Party Candidate Richard Mourdock. Lugar has always represented compromise and the old republican guard. Photo Courtesy: Sen. Lugar

Because of the current fragility of the world economy, America must be deliberate in its handling of issues like employment, defense, the economy, civil rights, immigration, education, taxes, health and welfare. These issues have severe consequences for the future of the nation if fair, reasoned, and principled debate and compromise fail to return to the American political landscape.

The recent defeat of Senator Dick Lugar, the 35-year veteran incumbent from Indiana, shows how little experience, reason, and compromise are valued in this current environment of “I want it now” politics. More frightening is the thought that Lugar’s defeat may well have officially signaled a moment in time where compromise has been officially declared dead.
As Sen. Lugar so aptly said in his concession speech to Indiana Republican Primary winner Richard Mourdock, “ We are experiencing deep political divisions in our society right now. And these divisions have stalemated progress in critical areas. But these divisions are not insurmountable. I agree that people of good will, regardless of party, can work together for the benefit of country.”

This trend of throwing out incumbents, who compromise and make tough choices for the long-term benefit of the country and not party, may prove to be our own undoing of the American dream. Envision a Republican (Tea) Party led by Romney, fired up not by principles underlying key issues, but by hysteria surrounding gay rights or abortion.

Although important concerns, the country as a whole is evolving beyond these issues and rightfully so. Moderate republicans are looking for cover as the Tea Party flexes its newfound muscle. Romney may be the ideal “say anything – do anything to get elected candidate.” His experience at Bain has undoubtedly prepared him to make deeper cuts in government spending and reduce the size of the federal government far more than what he’s indicated.

If elected, Romney and the New Republican (Tea) Party may completely rewrite the American political and social landscape of this country. The question citizens must ask is whether they believe their families and futures would survive.

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