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May 29, 2012

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Moderate growth in Swedish Economy

Source:  Cision 

The Economic Tendency Indicator fell 0.6 points in May from 101.5 to 100.9. It is marginally above the historic average, indicating that growth in the Swedish economy is more or less normal. This month the construction industry and the private service sector made a negative contribution to the Economic Tendency Indicator, while the other sectors of the economy and consumers made a positive contribution.

Business sector plans indicate unchanged employment

The confidence indicator for the manufacturing industry rose one point in May and is currently four points above the historic average. Both new orders and output volume were largely unchanged and the output outcome was weaker than expected. However, industrial firms remain optimistic and forecast an increase in output for the next few months. Overall, employment is expected to remain more or less unchanged.

The confidence indicator for the construction industry fell 15 points in May and is below the historic average for the first time in two years. New orders have fallen and opinion on order books is more negative. Construction output and employment have been largely unchanged over the past few months. However, civil engineering firms are optimistic about the next few months and forecast appreciable output growth. House builders are considerably more restrained in their expectations.

The confidence indicator for the retail trade rose one point in May and remains somewhat below the historic average. As previously, there are major differences between the various sectors. The food trade has shown by far the strongest growth, while the motor vehicle trade reports reduced sales. The food trade and the specialist retail trade are the most optimistic about the next few months. These sectors forecast an appreciable increase in sales, while the motor vehicle trade forecasts a largely unchanged sales volume.

The confidence indicator for the private service sector fell 10 points in May and is once again some-what below the historic average. However, both demand and employment have increased somewhat over the past few months. Service firms forecast rising demand for the next few months, with nearly all sectors anticipating an increase. Employment is also forecast to increase somewhat, but the proportion of firms expecting to hire is lower than last month.

Households are increasingly optimistic about economic situation

The Consumer Confidence Indicator (CCI) rose slightly more than one point from 4.7 in April to 5.9 in May. It is just above the historic average, indicating that consumer confidence in the economy is slightly more positive than normal. The Macro Index, which measures consumer confidence in the Swedish economy, rose nearly three points in May, but remains below the historic average. The Micro Index, which reflects consumer confidence in personal finances, fell just under one point and is marginally above the historic average

SAS launches eighth route to Poland

Source:  Cision

Scandinavian Airlines is continuing to expand into the Polish market as it will open another direct route on October 29 between Copenhagen and Lodz. SAS will offer more than 70 weekly direct flights between Scandinavia and Poland, with smooth transfers to the rest of Europe.

SAS will be the first network carrier to operate flights to Lodz, Poland’s third biggest city with a population of 1.2 million in the greater area of Lodz.  “Poland is an extremely important market to us, considering its proximity to Copenhagen. We can offer a quick direct flight or an easy transfer to all our Polish destinations. Earlier this year, SAS opened Copenhagen-Katowice and last fall also Stockholm-Gdansk. SAS will now fly to six destinations in Poland, offering eight direct routes from Scandinavia,” says Joakim Landholm, Chief Commercial Officer, SAS.

The new route, SK773/SK774, will operate daily except Saturdays with a CRJ200, comprising 50 seats and offer Business, Economy Extra and Economy classes. SK773 will depart Copenhagen at 12.20, arriving in Lodz at 13.35, whilst SK774 will depart Lodz at 14.15 and arrive in Copenhagen at 15.30. The flights will have great connections in both directions primarily to/from all of Scandinavia, the Baltic and European destinations.

SAS will offer eight routes between Scandinavia and Poland as of October 29:

Stockholm-Gdansk, Oslo-Gdansk, Copenhagen-Gdansk, Copenhagen-Lodz, Copenhagen-Katowice, Copenhagen-Poznan, Copenhagen-Warsaw and Copenhagen-Wroclaw.


DNCC Marks 100 Days Until President Obama Accepts the Nomination

Source:  DNCC

CHARLOTTE—The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) marks 100 days until President Obama accepts the nomination in Charlotte, with the launch of a campaign to get more people involved in the 2012 Democratic National Convention.  At a press conference in Charlotte, the DNCC launched the, “I’m there,” campaign with

 a video, that asks people to declare their participation, whether in person, or online, by sharing a photo of themselves with the convention logo and a caption that says “I’m there!”

Conventions have traditionally only been open to delegates, insiders and the party faithful.  Democrats changed that in 2008, and are doing more this year to invite the

American people to participate.   Convention planners have shortened the convention to three days, allowing for a family-friendly festival at

Charlotte Motor Speedway on Labor Day, that’s free and open to the public.  The President’s acceptance speech will be held at Bank of America Stadium where tens of thousands more people can participate.

An active grassroots fundraising campaign has expanded the donor base by over 30 times the number of contributors from four years ago.  Over 10,000 people have signed up to volunteer to help make the event a success.  Democrats have expanded the number of delegates to the convention by over 1,000. And interactive tools will allow Americans across the country and around the world to watch and engage in the convention as it happens.

Chicago Entrepreneur Turns to Public to Raise $2.5M for the Development of Clean Energy Trucks 


Kendall E. Coleman is so concerned about the risk that carbon emissions pose to health that he has taken matters into his own hands.

Chicago, IL — To Kendall E. Coleman, the exciting hustle and bustle of Chicago poses a silent and deadly threat; carbon emissions from trucks which stand to send cancer rates soaring, air quality to new lows, and a natural environment that cannot thrive in the pollution.  Coleman boasts a diverse and impressive background. He is a degreed electrical engineer, MBA student, and an entrepreneur with Fortune 500 experience at IBM and Seagate Technology.

Calling on his degree in electrical engineering and his spirit for entrepreneurial flair, Coleman decided to do something about it.  “It’s an unlikely source, but trucks are one of the biggest contributors of carbon emissions in big-city areas,” says Coleman, a self-declared activist for renewable energy, the environment, and community development.

He continues, “However, we can do something about it. We need to research and develop clean energy devices which can be fitted to trucks to increase their fuel efficiency and decrease their exhaust fumes.”  With this in mind, Coleman is delighted to officially announce the launch of the Kendall Clean Energy Fundraising Drive, which aims to generate upwards of $2.5M before Christmas day of this year.

However, as Coleman explains, traditional fundraising sources were unwilling to contribute.  “The amount of red tape surrounding traditional fundraising is unbelievable. Since the development of clean energy devices will directly affect the lives and wellbeing of everyday people, I am now calling upon the general public to band together and put up the funds,” he adds.

Coleman has set up a website to act as an online donation center, giving people an opportunity to donate money at any time of the day or night, wherever they are located.  Aside from the primary goal of developing clean energy devices, the fund will benefit the greater Chicago community.  The money is poised to produce many engineering and professional jobs for people of diverse backgrounds. As a result of creating a highly skilled research and development team, the Chicago area will enjoy a much-needed boost in its employment.

Wanting the effects of the project to advance on to future generations, Coleman took the highly praised decision to use 5% of the funds to set up and maintain a Science and Entrepreneurship camp for at-risk youths in the city.

“The plan is to launch a project that is in itself sustainable. For too long, people have sat on the sidelines of life, watching the environment and community become ravished by pollution, toxins, illegal drugs, and hopelessness.  Now is the time to take action and take a stand. We can do it”, Coleman explains.  Individuals or institutions interested in seeing Kendall E. Coleman reach his $2.5 million fund raising goal may donate through Pay Pal


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