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Business and Career Opportunities (DOD Awarded Contracts)

June 24, 2012

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DOD Awarded Contracts AIR FORCE Datum Software, Inc., John Creeks, Ga. (FA8771-12-D-1001); Digital Management, Inc., Bethesda, Md. (FA8771-12-D-1002); Diligent Consulting, Inc., San Antonio, Texas (FA8771-12-D-1003); DSD Laboratories, Inc., Sudbury, Mass. (FA8771-12-D-1004); Diversified Technical Services, Inc., El Paso, Texas (FA8771-12-D-1005); Exeter Government Services, L.L.C., Gaithersburg, Md. (FA8771-12-D-1006); Excellus Solutions, L.L.C., McLean, Va. (FA8771-12-D-1007); IndraSoft, Reston, Va. […]

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