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July 19, 2012

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Settling scores the medieval way at Scarborough Castle

Source:  Cision

Forget mediation or a friendly handshake – there are old scores to be settled over the school holidays at Scarborough Castle, as a pair of medieval knights go head to head in for a summer of no-holds-barred combat!  Each weekend, visitors will meet the knights and learn about their lives within medieval society, exploring the strict rules that govern every part of their lives, to looking at how these skilled soldiers were trained to fight to the death to defend their lord, king and country.

Scarb fighting knights 2

“The life of a knight might seem very glamorous, but their position was hard-earned, and involved years of training. Knights would be taken into training at a very young age, learning combat skills as a page, before eventually becoming a squire to another knight to complete their education,” explains English Heritage’s events manager, Jon Hogan.  “Only when they had honed their skills to the highest levels would they be ‘knighted’ in a ceremony which was to be the last time anyone would lay a sword on them without deadly repercussions!”

Indeed, between bouts, the knights will be recruiting new pages, teaching them some of the skills that they would need to follow a career as a soldier.  They can also learn how to dress and arm a knight, helping strap on the many pieces of plate armor that protected combatants.  Keeping the hot-blooded knights in good order will be a medieval noble lady, played by historic re-enactor, Kate Vigurs. Kate will explain the role of women in this man’s world, and how she filled her days whilst the men trained.

Scarborough Castle’s Warrior Weekends run every weekend from 21 July to bank holiday to Monday 27 August from 11.00am to 5.00pm, with the castle itself open from 10.00am to 6.00pm. Admission is £4.90 for adults, £4.40 for concessions and £2.90. A family ticket, for two adults and up to three children, is £12.70.

Oprah and Cheryl Stayed

Oprah talks to author Cheryl Stayed about walking her way to peace and forgiveness. Don’t miss their two-hour interview this Sunday, July 22, at 11/10c on “Super Soul Sunday.” Tune in to OWN, or if you’re an international subscriber, watch the webcast on

Plus: Who is Oprah’s favorite person to talk with about books? Find out now!

Author/Playwright Shywanee Manson To Debut New Stage Play “My Brother, I Apologize” and Release New Novel “ No Apology For You, My Love”


Harvey, IL — All are invited to enjoy great entertainment on August 25, 2012 with author/playwright Shywanee L. Manson as she debuts her newest stage play production, “My Brotha’, I Apologize”. Showtime: 7:00 P.M. at The Thornton Township Auditorium, 15001 S. Broadway, Harvey, Illinois. Advanced tickets are being sold for just $25.

The production will feature the soulful sounds of Terron Brooks, Edgar Gemini Porter, Karla Howard, Juanita Nave and Chuck True as this stage play is attributed to the 70’s/80’s/90’s old school artists such as HTown, Blackstreet, Whitney Houston, Mikki Howard, Temptations, Dru Hill, Johnny Gill, and more.

In “My Brotha’ I Apologize”, handsome businessman, Bobby Jenkins (Messiah Equiano – A History Lesson) and his beautiful wife, Joyce (Khadijah Freeman – The Bachelor Pad) once had a marriage full of fire, high energy and lots of love. However, when Joyce suffers a miscarriage, she finds it extremely hard to cope with her loss and now the fire has died down. Two years later, the fire is still out! Joyce isn’t the woman she once was and Bobby’s cries for love and attention gets ignored. What must Bobby do to save his marriage?

Shantell Johnson (Karla Howard) didn’t realize that hanging out with her best friend Rita (Xavia Fox – Xavia Speaks) every weekend would eventually cause the breakup with boyfriend Marcus (Terron Brooks – The Temptations movie). Now saddened and single, she visits the local bar with her friend and meets Bobby Jenkins, a man who appears to be in need of the same thing of which she longs for – LOVE AND ATTENTION. Will Bobby abandon his family to finally get the attention he feels he deserves?

Betty Jo Taylor (Juanita Nave) is in love with the idea of being in love, but the one she thinks she loves doesn’t love her back. Cascious Long (Simeon Henderson – Cat On A Hot Tin Roof), the neighborhood player was once hurt by the love of his life and has no shame in taking it out on the very insecure and not so attractive, Betty Jo. Will he forgive his ex-wife and give Betty what she desires in a relationship or will the player play so much that he gets played himself?

Bar regulars Larry (Edgar Gemini Porter – R&B Group Men at Large), Damon (Comedian Damon Williams), Reggie (Kamal Angelo Bolden – Immediate Family), Rico (Chuck True) and Ricki (Manar Taher) all witness these crumbling relationships and doesn’t hesitate to offer their listening ears and hilarious opinions.  “My Brotha’ I Apologize” is a comedy that will definitely give viewers the answer to a commonly asked question: Is the way to a man’s heart through his stomach? And the answer is: NO, FOOD IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO A MAN’S HEART!

Opening performances by Eric Bryant and Terron Brooks. Hosted by Dwayne Hirsch and sponsored by Premium Energy V.I.P. Prior the production at 5:00 p.m. in the lobby of the theater, there will be a reception where Shywanee L. Manson will be releasing and signing her new novel, No Apology For You, My Love.   Food and beverages will be sold by Homemade by Hughes.

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