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September 19, 2012

Business, Education, Entertainment

Al Green – Friday, September 21  8:00 PM  EKU Center for the Arts

The Royal Drummers and Dancers of Burundi – September 23, 2:00 PM EKU Center for the Arts

The Center for Literature and Theatre @ Miami Dade College

Creative Nonfiction with Michael Diebert

8 weeks: Wednesdays, September 26 – November 14, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

$170 (Current MDC faculty and credit students: $120)

This class will focus on a variety of nonfiction genres with a particular focus on how stories get told, by whom and to what ends.

 Blogging 101 with Rebecca Cofina

8 weeks: Tuesdays, September 25 – November 13, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

$170 (Current MDC faculty and credit students: $120)

In this course, we will explore the fundamentals of blogging. Students will set up their own blog (if they don’t already have one) and will learn the different ways of approaching self-publishing through writing, photography and video (no cameras will be required).

Wiley and the Hairy Man   –  Monday, October 1  5:30 PM StageOne Theatre

Summer Sky Ranch, English, Indiana – Haunted Forest  October 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th.


— Successful Businessmen Share Techniques to End Financial Drought —


Atlanta, GA — Thousands of business owners, budding entrepreneurs and others seeking financial security for their families are expected to convene in Atlanta for Conquer Business 2012, a two-day conference to equip, empower and prepare those with a vision for success. The conference will be held on November 15-16 (Thursday and Friday) at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park, a suburb of Atlanta.

Conquer Business 2012 will offer workshops from some of the most renowned successful businessmen and financial leaders to help others succeed by providing tangible tools, models and formulas for success. Additionally, conference attendees will receive private question and answer sessions with T.D. Jakes, secrets for establishing and maintaining successful businesses, meetings with top investors and financiers, and ways to develop sound reliable business plans for immediate financial success.

The conference is sponsored by Kings & Priests Unlimited, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing world class educational environments, conferences and workshops that provide critical thinking, uncommon solutions and practical answers to life’s challenges.

With the current looming financial crisis facing our nation, according to Kings & Priest Unlimited and Conquer Business 2012 Founder Robert Watkins, the conference will allow individuals the opportunity to manifest their own personal destiny.

“We believe business ownership, good financial stewardship and creative entrepreneurship are keys to ending the financial struggle for many families and small businesses, said Watkins. He added, “With unemployment at record high numbers, hundreds of college graduates unable to find work and many others under-employed, Conquer Business 2012 will offer innovative, lasting solutions to pursue non-traditional opportunities for success.”

Jakes, Founder and Pastor of the Potter’s House located in Dallas, will share his personal business model for creating generational wealth. “We live in a society that equates wealth with power,” said Jakes. “The most impactful way to level the playing field is to extend our spending power beyond a single generation through the establishment of successful entrepreneurial endeavors that are stored up as a legacy for our children’s children.”

Other conference speakers include: Valery Burton, featured guest on Dr. Oz, Oprah Winfrey Radio and Essence Magazine; Bishop Dale C. Bronner, founder of Word of Faith Family Worship Center and Chairman of Bronner Brothers Hair Care Products; Robert Watkins, author, businessman and founder of Kings & Priests Unlimited; Vaughn McLaukin, CEO of Kingdom Mall of Jacksonville, Florida, Glenn Henderson, renowned business growth expert, Wendy Walters of Palm Tree Productions and others.

Conquer Business 2012 will cover topics such as leveraging technology for success, developing wealth from God-Given talents, building successful enterprises at home, developing eight (8) income streams, Book publishing and many others.

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