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March 26, 2013

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The ongoing digital photo exhibition for young and talented nightlife photographers,, has during its first month had a higher average of monthly visitors than Europe’s biggest photography and art museums.

Next week, Unforgettablenight will publish two photo stories to celebrate 55.000 page views in less than a month. Dutch photographers Iris Ooms and Dennis Branko exhibit their unforgettable moments–alongside the other seven photographers who currently exhibit their work at

See two sides of Amsterdam captured by nightlife photographers Iris Ooms and Dennis Branko. On Monday March 25, their respective unforgettable night will be published in the digital exhibition, containing fifteen photos from both photographers.

IRIS OOMS spends her night in Club Trouw, where she looses track of time and space, absorbed by the never-failing seducing atmosphere of the club. Her night out in Amsterdam turned out to be a long one, where boundaries were absent, and infinite inspiration present. It included, among others, Hard Ton; a half-naked male disco diva from Venice who Iris has immortalized through some sensational shots in a basement.

DENNIS BRANKO starts out in Bar Ludwig, which he refers to as the “sex cave”. His lens captures a blur of beautiful and euphoric people and the women seem to be particularly striking this very night – he can’t take his eyes from them. Decadence is the theme when he later moves on to The Chicago Social Club. Dennis is a huntsman of #unforgettable nightgreat photo opportunities, capturing the night both through his lens and through taking part of the madness.



Iris Ooms is a Dutch workaholic photographer who founded the collective of girl photographers called De Fotomeisjes, in 2008. Iris is based in Amsterdam and her work spans from various fashion shoots via nightlife photography to covering major dance festivals like Mysteryland and Tomorrowland. Iris has been working for Amsterdam fashion week, Moêt and Red Bull. Her photo collective work as resident photographers in clubs such as AIR, Trouw and The Chicago Social Club.


The Amsterdam based photographer has been covering nightlife for nearly a decade. His approach is to take raw pictures of spontaneous, fun and in–the-moment adventures with his own very colourful and extravagant signature style. Apart from #unforgettable night 3Amsterdam nightlife, Dennis has also traveled around Europe documenting the various party scenes in Berlin, London, Paris, Barcelona and Copenhagen. Among his brand clients are Nike, Converse, Coolcat, Bavaria and Adidas.


The site is a digital exhibition wall for nightlife photographers from all around the world and will work as a photo feed available for anyone to join. The exhibition consists of videos and photos of Sven Marquardt and Pablo Frisk, the seven young nightlife photographers, and anyone with an Instagram account. It is a photo exhibition, a nightlife guide and a source of inspiration for people living unforgettable nights. Initiated by Björn Borg.

BJÖRN BORG SAYS JA! TO UNFORGETTABLENIGHT shines a light on those millions of people who embrace nightlife and capture great moments with the eye of their lens – professionally or just for fun. Nightlife photographers who deserve more than just a photo credit even though they spent both time and effort to capture memories of the night. Through this online exhibition made for, and by people with different range of experience – nightlife photography will be celebrated as an art form.

#unforgettablenight  The unforgettable night online exhibition also offers the possibility for all nightlife enthusiasts to showcase photos from their own unforgettable nights. By hash tagging Instagram photos with #unforgettablenight your photos will automatically be included in the unforgettable exhibition.


Bobby Seale, Founding Chairman and National Organizer of the Black Panther Party, To Produce A Film Portraying His Life Story

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Nationwide — Bobby Seale, Chairman, co-founder and national organizer of the Black Panther Party is producing a biographical motion picture which will dramatize his life and the tumultuous 1960’s and 70’s, the era in which the Black Panthers emerged as the prominent revolutionary civil rights movement of it’s time. Bobby and his partner Stephen Edwards, a filmmaker and former member of the Panthers, have written a screenplay with the title, Seize the Time, The Eighth Defendant.

Seize the Time is also the title of Bobby’s autobiography, which sold over one million copies since first published in 1970. A studio executive at Fox Search Light Pictures suggested that Bobby and Stephen produce this dramatized feature instead of the more traditional documentary they had originally been working on.

Since the late 1970s, Bobby has spoken to hundreds of thousands of students on college campuses worldwide. Audiences have been mesmerized by his charismatic speeches as he relates his personal experiences in a historical period that helped shape today’s politics. Bobby talks about the people in the Black Panther Party, their supporters and the various social programs they created; how they prevailed in a world where they were persecuted and their lives and those of their friends and families were threatened.

The image of Bobby Seale chained, gagged, and bound to a chair in a Chicago courtroom is one that lives in America’s national consciousness. This film will tell the story of how he got there, and how he survived. The story comes straight from Bobby Seale’s life. It offers insights into United States history and the conflicts and contradictions that reverberate to this day.

For the first time millions of people will have an opportunity to experience Bobby’s stories in movie theaters across America and the world. Bobby decided to produce his own cinematic life story because of his frustration with the films that have been made about the Black Panthers without his involvement. “They usually contact me after they have made their film,” Bobby has commented,” and often want me to endorse it. I want to do this until I see the final product. Its painful to see the waste of money, resources and talent on film projects that don’t convey the complete story of what happened during the days of the Black Panther Party and the sixties protest movement.”

Many cinematic depictions of the Black Panther Party leave out the FBI’s efforts to terrorize the Panthers through its counter intelligence program. This led to Panther members being legally framed and sometimes even assassinated based on the false testimony of FBI informants.  “There is an entire generation of young people who know nothing about how viciously the FBI attacked us and why. Even people of my generation don’t know that J. Edgar Hoover said the Black Panthers Breakfast for Children program represents the greatest threat to America’s national security,” Bobby has explained.

Seize The Time; The Eighth Defendant will give its audience a glimpse into the life of Bobby Seale and the social protest movements of the 1960’s and 70’s. A cast of actors will play the part of the people who were members and show the changes they created. The film will also highlight situations in which the Panthers prevailed.

Bobby says, ” For example, most people don’t know that we won 95 % of our courtroom cases. ” Many social programs today go back to the survival programs of the Black Panther Party. And the struggle for justice for African American and minority youth in the face of police oppression is unfortunately as relevant today as it was when Bobby and Huey first took up their rifles and law books to protest police brutality.

East Orange, NJ’s Mayor Robert Bowser, National Action Network’s Dominique Sharpton, and Hip Hop Artist Rapsody on “All Politics Are Local” Radio Show.


Newark, NJ — The staff of All Politics Are Local, Rutgers University’s and America’s #1 political Hip Hop internet radio show, will have an open discussion with Mayor Robert Bowser on his campaign to be re-elected as Mayor of East Orange, NJ. Then the show’s hosts will interview Dominique Sharpton on the National Action Network’s upcoming National Convention. The staff will also speak to music artist Rapsody on her version of Hip Hop this Friday, March 29, 2013 at 6:00 pm.

Every Friday, Ed Riley, the show’s creator, executive producer and co-host of All Politics Are Local, leads the show. The other show co-hosts include the following: Bashir Akinyele- Community Activist and Educator, Jonathan Alston- Educator, Marcus Reeves- Entertainment Journalist and Social Critic, Chris Randall, Social Critic; Joel Brower, radio engineer; Allen S. Gordon- Hip Hop journalist and educator, and Mitzi Miller- Editor–and–Chief of Jet Magazine! Music directed by DJ CiMa and DJ Rhino.

The lively and intellectually critical round table show, discusses various Hip Hop, entertainment, and political issues every Friday. The show is broadcasted live from the school’s radio station in the Paul Robeson Student Center in downtown Newark, New Jersey from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Our sound rage reaches up to 1,000,000 people.

The listeners of All Politics Are Local come from different countries, political parties, ethnic groups, religions, and cultures. Callers worldwide can chime into All Politics Are Local‘s call-in number at (973) 353-5746.  All Politics Are Local is broken up into two segments. The first hour is the political side of the show and second hour, called the College Entertainment Revue, is the entertainment side of All Politics Are Local.

wrnuSince its’ inception, the show has been able to book a variety Hip Hop artists, Hip Hop activists, community activists, clergy members, intellectuals, and political leaders, such as Rev Al Sharpton, President of the National Action Network and host of MSNBC’s Politics Nation; Rev Jesse Jackson, Founder and President of the Rainbow/Push Coalition; Stephen Sweeny, New Jersey State Senate President; Sheila Oliver, New Jersey’s State Speaker of the House; Chairman of the New Jersey State Democratic Committee John Wisniewski; New Jersey State Senator Nia Gill; New Jersey’s Essex County Freeholder Carol Clark; Barbara Buono, NJ State Senator and NJ’s Democraticall_politics_are_local_logo Gubernatorial Candidate; Dennis Van Roekel, President of the National Education Association; Cami Anderson, Newark Board of Education Superintendent; Raymond Lesniak, New Jersey State Senator; Rahiel Tesfamariam, Washington Post Columnist; Mildred Crump, Newark Councilwoman-At-Large; Ron Rice, Jr, Newark West Ward Councilman; Donald Payne, US Congressman; Darin Sharif, Newark Central Ward Councilman; Mayor Jamel Holly of Roselle, NJ; John Thompson, candidate for Mayor of East Orange, NJ; Kevin Taylor, candidate for Mayor of East Orange, NJ; Lester Taylor, East Orange, NJ candidate for Mayor of East Orange; Chicago’s great peace activist Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church, Randi Weingarten; W.R. Bolen, New York Times bestselling author of Total Frat Move; National President of American Federation of Teachers; Newark Education Workers Caucus; Charles Barron, Brooklyn City Councilman, Bob Braun Star Ledger news columnist; Imamu Amiri Baraka; Fredrica Bey, founder of the Women In Support of the Million Man March; Poet Autum Ashante; Larry Hamm, State Chairman of the Peoples Organzation for Progress; Salaam Ismial, President of the National United Youth Council; Bilal Qayyum, Co-Organizer of the National Black on Black Conference; Dr. Akil Khalfani, Director of the Africana Institute at Essex County College; Ron Rice, New Jersey State Senator; Mark Diionno, weekly columnist of the Star Ledger; Chuck D of Public Enemy: Lupe Fiasco, Vinny of Naughty By Nature; Freekey Zekey of the rap group the Dip set; Hakim Green of Channel Live; Do It All of the Lords of the Underground; Hip Hop artist/activist Vigalantee; Victor Trammell, Hip Hop Journalist for Your Black World; Sundown of the Hip Hop group Actual Proof; Conrad Tillard, the former executive director of CHHANGE (Conscious Hip Hop Activism Necessary for Global Empowerment and the current Senior Pastor of Nazarene Congregational United Church of Christ in Brooklyn; New York City; Imam Mustafa El Amin of Masjid Ibrahim; Pastor David Jefferson, the Chairman of Rev Sharpton’s National Action Network in Newark, New Jersey; Donny Nuri Wilson, member and organizer of the Newark Anti-Violence Coalition; Al Tarik Onque of Stop Shootin; Earl “the Street Doctor” Best; Monika Boyd, of Parents of Murdered Children and VOCAL (Voices of Change and Liberation) Coalition member; Minister Ismail Muhammad, National Assistant to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan; Ras Baraka, Newark city Southward Councilman; Donald Payne, US Congressman; Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew; Jasmine Mans, Newark Poet; James Mtume, world renowned music producer, artist, community activist, and co-host of the popular 107.5 WBLS FM’s Open line radio talk show in New York City’s tri-state area; Marquis Aquil-Lewis, member of the Newark Board of Education Advisory Board; and Mitzi Miller, the new Editor –and-Chief of Jet magazine!

Damien Connors, College Youth Director of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) says, “The show is content rich and I believe its’ the kind of discourse that will keep us balanced.”  Bashir Akinyele of Rutgers’ All Politics Are Local says, “Our show is the only Hip Hop radio show in the country that challenges the Hip Hop generation on the necessity of political power.”

5ivespot_appNew Mobile Social Video Network For The African American Audience


Las Vegas, NV — Introducing 5iveSpot, a mobile social network where users create and share personal video messages (vms) and view short form video entertainment on mobile devices. 5iveSpot’s mobile network is dedicated to providing a social and entertainment connection for the African American mobile community.  According to the “Nielsen State of the African-American Consumer” study done in 2012, African Americans are a tech savvy group where over 54% of all people own a smartphone. This speaks to a hyper-connected and socially progressive smartphone user base which exceeds 22 million people and growing.

5iveSpot, Co-Founder, D Daudi Cole, Jr. , comments, “The African-American community leverages the power of mobile to digest, interact and communicate and our mission and charter is to offer a digital platform that provides video touch points for this socially engaged and connected audience.”

5iveSpot is a one-stop social network where users can create, send and receive sms text, photo or video messages up to 5 minutes. Members can also enjoy a free subscription to the very latest and greatest in bite sized video entertainment from the 5iveSpot network of channels. 5iveSpot airs daily video content chosen from a vast community of broadcasters, contributor sites, bloggers and industry tastemakers.

The 5iveSpot network of entertainment channels include Music (Hip-Hop and Soul), Entertainment, Sports and Lifestyle/Culture channels that viewers can easily select to follow in the channels section of the 5iveSpot app.  Co-founder, Dwayne Tasker, comments, “Our vision for 5iveSpot is to provide a simple, personal and technologically advanced tool to create and share video messages and cool life moments with family and friends. To deliver relevant and entertaining video content that represents the latest and greatest in black entertainment and culture.”

The 5iveSpot app makes it easy to join, create and share a video message spot (vms) or a favorite 5iveSpot video using your smartphone contact list, sms text or by posting your favorite videos on Facebook and Twitter.The free app is available for download via iTunes App Store and Google Play.


Young Truu

Go Berserk! Official Music Video

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