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May 10, 2013

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What’s a manufacturing innovation Institute?

 Source:  The White House

After shedding jobs for a decade, American manufacturers have added about 500,000 positions over the past three years. Production is growing at its fastest pace in over a decade.  President Obama is committed to continuing this progress — which is why he’s laid out a comprehensive agenda to make America a magnet for manufacturing.

Yesterday, following through on a promise he made in his State of the Union, the President rolled out the first piece of that agenda, announcing competitions to establish three new Manufacturing Innovation Institutes.

These new institutes, partnerships among business, universities and community colleges, and government, will develop and build manufacturing technologies and capabilities to help U.S.-based businesses and workers create good jobs.

We asked Gene Sperling, Director of the National Economic Council, to explain in 60 seconds or less why these institutes are an important part of the President’s strategy to invest in manufacturing.

sbaStrengthen Your Team.  Hire A Vet.

Source:  SBA Santa Ana District Office – Director  J. Adalberto Quijada

I DID NOT SERVE IN OUR NATION’S MILITARY.  However, like most Orange County residents, I have a deep and profound respect andJ.AdalbertoQuijada. appreciation for the men and women who have served our country and continue to serve.  A vast majority of veterans cite “finding a job” as the greatest challenge to transitioning into the civilian world.  In the next five years, more than 275,000 post-9/11 veterans will settle in California.

Despite valuable leadership skills and on-the-ground experience that employers can use to build their organizations, as many as 22 percent of these veterans are likely to remain unemployed.  What they each need is a job and the opportunity to establish themselves as part of our local economy and our community.

Orange County’s unemployment rate continues to drop, but more can be done, especially regarding job opportunities for our local veterans.  In light of having the lowest unemployment rate in the state and a high veteran population, the county can and should plant its flag as a leader in veteran hiring in California.

With this in mind and in partnership with the community, the Santa Ana district office of the Small Business Administration launched a local initiative we call Ready Vet Hire.  Read more

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