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 NY Int’l Short Film Festival Announces Line-Up For 2013

Festival to showcase shorts including Juliette Fairley’s Diary of a Mulatto Bride

DMB1 Juliette FairleySource: Chloe Feigen Public Relations

New York City— The 2nd Annual New York International Short Film Festival (NY Shorts Fest) will be screening narrative fiction, documentary, and animated short films from May 28-30, 2013 at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City.

Diary of a Mulatto Bride (8 minutes) is about adult bi-racial Coquette Alsten (played by Juliette Fairley) whose FrenchJuliette Fairley NYIFF groom Jean Claude (played by Alexander Blaise) keeps a secret that her co-workers accidentally uncover. The film will screen at 9:45pm on Thursday May 30.

“All of my short films are segments extracted from a 90 page script called Mulatto Saga that I’ve been submitting to producers and directors so whatever attention the project gets at film festivals like NY Shorts takes me one step closer to the greater goal of getting the larger screenplay produced by a Hollywood studio for global release,” said Fairley.

Created by the Oscar®-qualifying Los Angeles International Short Film Festival (LA Shorts Fest), the NY Shorts Fest offers short-form filmmakers an ideal platform to screen their film and gain recognition in the heart of New York City.

“Based on last year’s overwhelming positive feedback from filmmakers and attendees, we are very excited to present this year’s line-up of films,” said Executive Director Robert Arentz. “NY Shorts Fest will continue to evolve and build an identity unique as the city and people of New York City.” Fairley recently wrapped her 4th short called Juliette Fairley’s Mulatto Diaries, which she has submitted to the Los Angeles Shorts Fest taking place in September in North Hollywood.

“The premiere of Diary of a Mulatto Bride is a breakthrough for me and my film series because NY Shorts is prestigious,” said Fairley. “To receive a nod from an oscar qualifying film festival is a major victory.”

More than 60 films from 11 countries will be participating in the International Competition. The complete line-up is posted.  Last year’s winners included Ricky GervaisDerek which won Best Comedy.

ossie_davis_scholarshipOssie Davis Endowment Scholarship Program To Grant Scholarship Awards of Up To $6,800


Nationwide — The Ossie Davis Endowment Scholarship program was established to honor the legacy of the renowned actor, Mr. Ossie Davis. Ossie Davis was a writer, actor, activist, director, and producer. He was a well-read thinker, communicator, humorist and humanist who influenced society and cared deeply about the world, the people, and his family.

The program was established by family and friends who understood Mr. Davis’ passion for education and his commitment to the young people who will shape our future. The Ossie Davis Endowment Scholarship program is designed to provide scholarships to African American incoming freshman attending a four- year Historically Black College or University commencing Fall 2012.

Applicants must demonstrate the ability and desire to use artistic activism to proactively address the concerns of humanity.  For scholarship award consideration, applicants must upload an essay and letters of recommendation to the online application.

Finalists will receive up to a $6,800 need-based scholarship award in the Fall of 2013. The scholarship is renewable for up to 4 years, provided that students continue to meet the scholarship criteria. For renewal consideration, students will have to re-apply with an updated portfolio each year.

8fac3cd497a29d31_org Narobi SerenaMeet Joshua Maliku – Doorman at the Nairobi Serena Hotel in Kenya

Source:  Ethos Marketing / Cision

Walking through the doors of Nairobi Serena Hotel you cannot fail to notice or remember the friendly smile that welcomes you. So we interviewed him to find out a little more about the man behind the warm welcome.  Meet Joshua Maliku the enthusiastic doorman who is fondly known to many visitors to the Nairobi Serena Hotel – Kenya. Interestingly Joshua has worked at Nairobi Serena Hotel for the past 25 years, and has an interest in football, traveling and music. This is perhaps, what you didn’t know about Joshua.

1. What is your typical day like?

I am an early riser. I represent the hotel therefore a lasting first impression is important for me this therefore means that I need to be well groomed too and familiarizing myself with the days schedule. This is by running by the days expected VIPS list, taking note of the airport transfers for the day and taking note of the key functions for the96382525634490df_org Joshua day. I also offer support to the front office staff by recommending different modes of hotel transport to guests on request, co-coordinating the Valet services, potterage assistance and client assistance with hotel and concierge information.

2. What were you doing before your current position?

Prior to my current position I was employed as a kitchen steward from 1986, then moved into the food and beverage section as a waiter and later on into housekeeping as a public area cleaner and In-Room Cleaning. Later on a position opened up in the security department and I was appointed the Security Lobby Officer.

3. How did you get into your current position and how long have you been with Serena Hotels?

Whilst working as the Security Lobby Officer, I was always fascinated and drawn by admiration to the former doorman Caleb Olum and how he used to carry out his job. He performed his duties with such professionalism and passion. Eventually I gathered the courage and approached the room’s division manager at the time, requesting for a chance to do the job. It took 4 months after which I was tried at the job as I relieved Caleb for four months and thereafter confirmed for this position in 1997 after proving myself, and my capabilities. This year marks my 25th year, since I joined Serena Hotels.

4. Tell us about your educational background?

I studied up until O-Levels, thereafter trained in Guest Relations and later studied the Japanese Language at Diploma level. I am currently doing a course in Computer Studies.

5. What do you like most about your job?

The fact that I get to meet a lot of new and interesting people from all walks of life and welcome them with a smile.

6. As a doorman, what are your main challenges?

Not meeting my target of a 100% attention to most of the guests especially at the times when the hotel is busy, this always poses a challenge.

7. Do you ever encounter difficult guests?

I believe that as long as I make the guests feel welcome, comfortable and happy and at home, then everything is a smooth sail.

8. What milestones have you achieved since you joined the hotel front office team?

The fact that I have acquired immense knowledge pertaining to my profession and functions on customer service. This has helped me continuously establish a good rapport with the guests that visit the Hotel.

9. What is your long term goal with your career?

The fact that I meet a lot of interesting people from all walks of life on a daily basis, always makes me want to impart my experience and skills with others and as such I would eventually like to open up a Customer Care Training School.

05142013_Azimuth_L_001_Grant-Halverson_jpg_600North Carolina Celebrates Beauty in Motion

Source:  HP Digital

For the past 80 years, the American Dance Festival has enticed dancers, choreographers, musicians and teachers from around the world to Durham, North Carolina. Dedicated to nurturing and sustaining modern dance, the American Dance Festival gives devotees of dance the chance to see innovative works performed by world-class companies over a six-week season.

The festival, taking place June 13–July 27, will feature nearly 50 performances by 25 companies and choreographers, including Shen Wei Dance Arts, Paul Taylor Dance Company and Pilobolus.

This year’s festival will also debut Camille A. Brown & Dancers, Canada’s The 605 Collective and Ireland’s Ponydance, among others.

Former Convict Weaves Personal Experience Into New Urban Fiction Novel


Chicago, IL — Before the al-Qaida terrorist network became a blip on watchdogs’ radar screens, high-ranking leaders of the infamous El Rukn street gang reached out to buyblack_september_reico_cranshaw rocket launchers as part of a plot to commit terrorist acts in the United States for Libya in exchange for cash. As a result, many members were convicted and sent to prison.

However, one of those El Rukns, author Reico Cranshaw, has written one of the most fascinating gang stories with global reach.

In his book entitled Black September, Cranshaw gives the large picture of gang life in America. The El Rukns’ allies, the Vice lords, and the Zionist are part of the drug trafficking in America. The connection comes to light from the story of Vice Lord drug dealer Chauncey Carr.

Chauncey is reaping millions as an unknowing pawn of right-wing lobbyist and Christian Zionist operatives, who supplies him with unlimited amounts of cocaine. His suppliers are using the profits to pay for Israeli-spawned terrorist attacks. But it doesn’t take long for FBI agent John O’Neill to catch Chauncey trafficking drugs, which results in Chauncey being sentenced to federal prison.

While in prison, Chauncey meets a convicted terrorist, and despite his dislike for him, he uses the relationship to get his sentenced reduced by passing information on to O’Neill. Upon his release, Chauncey travels to see his son after hearing he has joined Chauncey’s old gang.

On the bus he meets feminist poet, Tina, who shares similar dreams of publishing someday, and they begin planning a better future together. Their plans are suddenly threatened, however, when Chauncey becomes the hunted after his former cronies learns he is sharing information with federal agents and vows to stop at nothing to silence him forever.

Cranshaw infuses his real life experiences with the fictional story of Chauncey Carr to show readers the truth behind the world of gangs and terrorists, and hopes his story illustrates the reality of gang life and what it’s like behind bars.

fy_dawn_what_love_feels_likeHeartbreak Gives Way To Fresh, Exciting Love In New Novel


Spring Valley, CA  — “There is that perfect love for everyone and it will find you when you least expect it,” says F. Y. Dawn. In her new book, What Love Feels Like, she offers readers a story about two brokenhearted people who find love.

Marlon and Latrice have both been destroyed by past love. But by the luck of a fateful coincidence, they find each other, and, in turn, they find renewed strength. What starts as a comforting friendship blossoms into much more. As their lives crumble around them, they cleave to each other and find out what true love feels like.

An excerpt from “What Love Feels Like”:
“Why cry about me taking you out and when I finally do you spend the night dancing with someone else? I am not going to compete with another man for my wife’s attention. I don’t know what kind of game you are playing, but you better decide if want to lose your marriage over it before I make the decision for you.” He placed the keys in the palm of her hand and whispered through clenched teeth, “Drive yourself home, I will find my own way,” Marlon stormed out of nightclub.

Dawn writes about people finding redemption with partners who truly love and respect them, but she doesn’t pull any punches when dealing with sensitive subjects. “The characters encounter conflicts such as infidelity and abuse,” she says. “This book doesn’t sugar coat reality, and it deals with real issues.”


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