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Americans will be grappling with a number of sensitive and critical issues throughout 2013 and beyond.  Some new, some old and some never-ending – concerns about race, religion, violence, politics, guns, climate change, war and civic responsibility are just some of the issues that may polarize all or segments of the nation.  We The People will bring awareness to different viewpoints in the hopes of educating its readership.  Please be encouraged to join in and share your perspective.

On this Day 

In 1863 the “Battle of Milliken’s Bend” was fought.  It was a small battle that was distinguished by the role Black Union soldiers played despite having very little training and inferior weapons.  As a result of their effort the attempt to end the siege of Vicksburg by Confederates failed.  Grant observed that despite their inexperience, the black troops had “behaved well.”  Charles A. Dana, Assistant Secretary of War wrote, “The bravery of the blacks completely revolutionized the sentiment of the army in regards to the employment of negro troops.”



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