During my career as a journalist, there have been very few people I’ve met or interviewed which demonstrated total love, compassion and sincere generosity to their culture and to the human race.  If you ever had the opportunity to meet Ruby Dee, along with her late husband, Ossie Davis, then you truly received a blessing in spirit for the ages.

Beauty, grace, intelligence and exceptional wisdom are words that many people would love to have associated with their lives, but, few truly earn or deserve such accolades.  Yet, these words fall short in describing the life and manner in which Ruby Dee’s presence graced the lives of people in this country and the world.

Ruby Dee was more than an Oscar nominated actress, activist, playwright, screenwriter, poet and journalist.  She was a mother, wife, grandmother,  friend and a living standard barrier of enduring love and eternal optimism. 

Forever teaching, sharing her time and encouraging all to live, love, forgive and care for one another.  She will be greatly missed, but more importantly, the lessons she taught us by example shall be remembered always.

George L. Addison, Publisher BeeNetworkNews.Com

Ruby Dee (Ruby Ann Wallace) October 27, 1922 – June 11, 2014
Ruby Dee Photo:  Courtesy Wikipedia

Ruby Dee Photo: Courtesy Wikipedia

Some of the following poetry content may be objectionable to some readers and viewers.  Please be advised.
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