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H. Lewis Smith, Founder and CEO - UVCCThe Perpetual Conquest and Subjugation of the Black Race

By: H. L. Smith

Before the Emancipation Proclamation, and since, there have always been in place U.S. policies regarding Black/African-Americans, which is, the development of black empowerment, economic independence, progression, self-esteem, trust and love for one another is to be prevented…by any and all means necessary.

March 17, 1978 the Jimmy Carter administration extended an ongoing U.S. policy of undermining Black leadership, the black community and Africa with the implementation of National Security Council Memorandum 46; Subject: Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement.

Decades later, after an immense uproar from the black community, former Radio One/XM Satellite Radio “THE POWER” weekend hosts Casey Lartigue Jr. and Eliot Morgan denounced NSCM 46 as a fake which got them fired, the Carter administration curiously enough used the term forgery instead of fake. The following link is provided so that you can make an informed decision on whether you believe NSCM 46 was authentic, fake or a so-called forgery:


The complete text of NSCM 46 can be viewed at http://www.finalcall.com/memorandum-46.htm the following are excerpts:

In elaborating U.S. policy toward black Africa, due weight must be given to the fact that there are 25 million American blacks whose roots are African and who consciously or subconsciously sympathies (sic) with African nationalism. 

Special clandestine operations should be launched by the CIA to generate mistrust and hostility in American and world opinion against joint activity of the two forces, and to cause division among Black African radical national groups and their leaders.

Sharp social stratification of the Black population and lack of policy options which could reunite them.

(b) to elaborate and bring into effect a special program designed to perpetuate division in the Black movement and neutralize the most active groups of leftist radical organizations representing different social strata of the Black community: to encourage division in Black circles;

(c) to preserve the present climate which inhibits the emergence from within the Black leadership of a person capable of exerting nationwide appeal;

(d) to work out and realize preventive operations in order to impede durable ties between U.S Black organizations and radical groups in African states;

(e) to support actions designed to sharpen social stratification in the Black community which would lead to the widening and perpetuation of the gap between successful educated Blacks and the poor, giving rise to growing antagonism between different Black groups and a weakening of the movement as a whole.

  1. The FBI should mount surveillance operations against Black African representatives and collect sensitive information on those, especially at the U.N., who oppose U.S. policy toward South Africa. The information should include facts on their links with the leaders of the Black movement in the United States,

SOURCE:  Nyame Ubuntu

As alarming as this memorandum may be, it is even more alarming as to how African-Americans consent to their own domination, submitting to intimidation and exploitation. Which perhaps raises the obvious question how do we overcome oppression, take on the power structure?  A good start would be to stop being in DENIAL and face the reality that from 1863 onward we WERE NEVER freed from mental enslavement.  Many Black/African-Americans often assert that slavery happened long ago, it has nothing to do with them and scoff at the idea that they could possibly be mentally enslaved.

What needs to be understood is that mental enslavement is no joke, it’s the worst form of slavery it gives you the illusion of freedom, makes you trust, love and defend your oppressor while making an enemy of those trying to free you or open your eyes.  Others might free us physically but no one…other than ourselves…can free our minds.

We’ve been fighting white people—the wrong way—for so long I don’t think none of us want to stop. We’ve made it a life style to fight white supremacy—not defeating it—but just struggling in it.  Marching in the streets, street riots, moaning and groaning about injustice and inequality, demonstrations and protests isn’t a true struggle but a prelude to THE struggle.

True struggle is directly challenging the enemy…politically, economically and otherwise. Until we actually challenge White Power…the struggle is yet to begin.  We “Play to Play” not to WIN. “Playing to WIN” demands unification of the Black race and liberating ourselves from mental enslavement. To overcome oppression necessitates institutional, corporate and financial power that requires the mass support, hearts, minds and beliefs of the black community which is only possible through unification—none of which the oppressor wants to see happen.

To be candid most black people don’t have a problem with white folks, white supremacy, white racism because when people REALLY have a problem with how they are being treated…they do something about it, and certainly do not embrace a slave term that degraded, dehumanized and objectified their ancestry…the vile and evil n-word n**ger/n**ga.

We talk black, dress black, study black, burn incense and wear dreadlocks, some of us have taken some trips, been to Africa, read some books about African history, and because we have gain a degree of knowledge and information we think that’s enough to transform us from being a slave to a free man.  Information—ALONE—does not cease to make you a slave, knowledge of your history—though it’s a requirement—is not sufficient enough to overcome mental slavery.  Knowledge…unless applied or used in some way…is useless by itself.

People are more effective as tools when they sincerely believe a lie, and every presidential election black folks are fed the same old lies and promises and the results have always proven to be the same. No traditional or institutional system in America, be it political parties, the city school systems, colleges, universities and the media, movie or music industries is going to allow an information stream that is going to free and release one’s mind away from American/European intellectual dominance, a system that is for all intent and purpose meant to oppress the Black/African-American. The American system is fundamentally corrupt and doesn’t function to accept nor treat Black/African-Americans as equals.  

So if information—ALONE—doesn’t transfer you out of slavery…WHAT DOES? If reading books doesn’t stop your servitude…WHAT DOES? If knowing where you come from doesn’t change your relationship between you and white people…WHAT DOES? The answer is…power! Not empty Black Power rhetoric but…united dynamic MIND POWER!

Our oppressor knows this…which is why his greatest fear…is that someday we just might suddenly see the light and WAKE UP.  Anytime you allow former slaver-owners to define you—as oppose to defining yourself—you are not serious and the oppressor knows it and thus have no respect for you because you have NONE for yourself. Embracing the N-word—a word that symbolizes evil, the butchering and slaughtering of millions of your ancestors—makes a FOOL out of the user and the entire Black race for allowing the word to fester within its community.

It’s not just the white man, people world-wide have no respect for Black/African-Americans, they look at us in amazement as to how we dissed and disrespect each other with the use of the most vile, evil, anathemas word in the English language…the N-word and denigration of our women. Even the FLOTUS Michelle Obama in a speech she gave condemning Donald Trump’s vulgar remarks he made about women stated: “we’re telling our daughters this is how they deserve to be treated, is that what we want for our children?” Strong men don’t need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful,” has never taken such a stand defending the honor of black woman against gangsta rap and rap artists such as Jay Z and others.

Other than the civil rights activist C. Delores Tucker, no black person of prominence has ever publicly denounced the disparaging rhetoric used by rap artists about black women and the self-destructive messages bestowed upon our youth.  The question has never been raised “is this what we want for OUR youth?” Very disappointing!

Asians, look at Black/African-Americans in utter amazement seeing us as sniffing the oppressor’s behind, seeking his approval and acceptance. In the past, Mexico has taken the liberty to ridicule and make fun of Black/African-Americans; but we just don’t get it refusing to see how our image on the world stage is significant and how it is that we must hold ourselves accountable and responsible as to how the rest of the world perceive us to be.

The leadership that developed out of the civil rights struggle, which essentially reflected middle class values and middle class concerns, never dealt with the problems of the underclass.  As a result the birth of a hip hop movement exhibiting expressions of frustration and rage through its music emerged. They were betrayed by an element within the black community…a secret society…known as the Black Boule.  Rap artists serve as an extension of this betrayal by further selling out with their messages of self-destruction…poisoning and corrupting the minds of our youth…and the black community at large sat back and allowed it to fester and grow.

Thus rather than us overcoming White Supremacy we are succumbing to it by making it more comfortable to exist within it. We aren’t transforming our reality we are just simply making it more bearable.  Which is why this upcoming election, an agonizing symbol of how the political system has and is being used as an instrument of racial oppression, means absolutely nothing to black folks…no matter who is elected. And until we start “Playing to WIN” nothing changes for Black/African-Americans…it will be business as usual.

However, the biggest test of all if we are truly going to ever—Play to WIN—and not just be “Playing to Play” is that 800 pound gorilla in the room—Christianity and Islam—which needs to also be addressed. Due to amnesia we don’t remember how prior to Christianity and Islam, ancient Black Civilizations…were a very Spiritual people…and rulers of the world.  We’ve since lost our Spirituality—confusing it with religion—and are now servants of the world. In other words if we ever decide to “Play to Win” there can be no HALF-STEPPING.

  1. Lewis Smith is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc., http://www.theunitedvoices.com author of books Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word, and Undressing the N-word: Revealing the Naked Truth, Lies, Deceit and Mind Games https://www.createspace.com/4655015

SOURCE:  Money Mike


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