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Tuesday, January 14, 2020 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM PST

Intellectual Property and the Business of Licensing

Patents and licensing have recently become an important part of the business landscape. Regardless of size or years in business, every entrepreneur should understand licensing and how to identify, protect and monetize their intellectual property, which includes patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

Intellectual Property and the Business of Licensing covers the fundamentals of these topics.  It will survey the terminology, available resources, costs, timing and rules of thumb necessary for licensing. Technical, legal, financial and practical issues will be explored to help you estimate patent costs, values and royalty rates. With this information, you will have the foundation for integrating the key elements of intellectual property into your business plan.

What You Will Learn

  • Ways to keep your ideas and new products from being “stolen”
  • How to obtain and use a patent, copyright or trademark
  • Basic steps needed to license your products or ideas to or from other companies
  • Ways to maximize your company’s value for funding presentations
  • Differences in working with U.S. and International licensing

“Very knowledgeable with good real world examples. More people need to consider this before launching a company.”                            -Elaine L.

Instructor:  Dr. Ted Izen

Ted Izen provides consultation on licensing, intellectual property management and strategic planning to individuals and tech businesses of all sizes, up to Fortune 500 companies. He also has extensive experience in international business development and strategic partnering.

Previously, Dr. Izen served as an executive in industries throughout the high-tech sector. He was President of Rockwell International’s licensing division after working as Vice President of Business Development for a $1 billion division of Lockheed Martin Corporation. Earlier in his career, he was Executive Vice President of Teledyne Systems Company and Vice President of Corporate Planning and Development for Loral Electro-Optical Systems Company.


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