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Moments in the Shadow of Greatness Volume One by: George L. Addison, Jr., provides a glimpse of some of America’s greatest movers and shakers that inspire and motivate everyday people through their life examples.  Moments in the Shadow of Greatness shows the human side of people you may never have the chance to meet and the achievements they have accomplished along the way. It also reminds us of how they are more like us than not, and illustrates how they impact the lives of ordinary people to do extraordinary things in their communities and the world. Those are the stories Addison brings us in his inspiring and motivational series of books “Moments in the Shadow of Greatness.”

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.”


PRE-ORDER’S AVAILABLE FOR HBCU’S, K-12 /CHARTER SCHOOLS, CIVIC AND SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS – PRE-ORDER 150, 250 or 500 books at our special discounted prices TODAY!  Contact Beenetwork Media Group and PITISE Publishers or email us at, ATTN:  Book Orders.

Featuring left to right / top to bottom: Jessie Menifield Rattley, Barack Hussein Obama II, Andrew Jackson Young Jr., Muhammad Ali, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama and Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks, Sr. Illustrations by Jessica J. Bryant Picture Courtesy: BMG/PITISE Publishers.



Shant’a Miller launched Parents Against Bullying after her family experienced firsthand the traumatic effects of a horrible bullying incident that involved her daughter. The attack caused her to confront the issue of bullying head-on and she found herself dealing with medical, safety and other concerns that were impacting her family. So, she turned a negative situation into a positive one and vowed to do everything in her power to prevent another child, family or community from dealing with the stress and trauma that her family endured. Since the incident, Miller has dedicated her life to serving families everywhere and to stamp out bullying wherever it raises its ugly head. Through the efforts of Parents Against Bullying and P.U.S.H. LLC. Miller provides annual events, monthly workshops, weekly mentoring sessions, summer camps, school visits, assistance to community centers and much more.

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