Beenetwork Media Group (BMG), and the Positive Images That Invoke Self Esteem (PITISE) Publishers Group is proud to announce the advanced launch of its first of several books featuring notable African Americans and Women from the “Moments in the Shadow of Greatness ” series by George L. Addison, Jr.

Earlier this year the original book release and tour were canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  Therefore, due to the uncertainty of this pandemic our enthusiastic supporters are requesting an advanced release of these encouraging and motivating stories.  As part of this launch we are also attempting to raise funds via Go Fund Me and our Encouraging Words Through Stories” campaign to donate fifty (50) thousand copies of volume one nationwide to grades 8 thru 12, juvenile, adult male and adult female correction facilities.

The “Moments in the Shadow of Greatness” book series provides a fresh look and perspective of

Moments in the Shadow of Greatness Volume One features profiles of Jessie M. Rattley, Barack Obama, Andrew Young, Muhammad Ali, Michelle Obama and Gordon Parks.

known and unknown movers and shakers that have contributed to the American experience and the world.  According to one reader Kim Hicks of Maryland, “Moments in the Shadow of Greatness – Volume One “illustrates how Information is truly power.  It appeals to all ages, providing inspiration.

Thanks also to the author’s candor, proving it doesn’t matter where you start, it’s all about pursuing your dreams.”

Beverly Finklea of Ohio said, “Mr. Addison gives the reader permission to gaze through his personal “reminisce window” providing previously unknown insights which amplifies the greatness of each of the African Americans profiled in “Moments in the Shadow of Greatness.”  The book takes young and old on a soulful journey and is both inspiring and motivational.  It is a great addition to any library.”

Karen Henderson an AP teacher from Kentucky said, “I really enjoyed the first-person perspective of “Moments in the Shadow of Greatness.”  As a teacher of African American Studies, I found it easy to read and to build lesson plans around the information contained throughout its pages.  The additional web links provided me with a perfect resource for student AP writing projects.  This book is an ideal learning and motivational teaching tool for educators everywhere.”

Brian Jones of Kentucky said, “I especially enjoyed the website links he provided so I could visit and explore in further depth the stunning photos by Gordon Parks Sr, and the uplifting programs and

services provided by both the Ali and Obama organizations. I very much look forward to continued learning from George’s rich, and diverse life experiences in this “Moments in the Shadow of Greatness” series of books.”

Lorraine Brown in Arkansas said, ““Moments in the Shadow of Greatness,” an absolute must-read for anyone searching for positive influences or role-models of recognized self-worth and prominence. George offers his readers a dazzling glimpse into the lives of people with courage and fortitude, while simultaneously, defying the odds. This book was exhilarating, captivating, and very thought-provoking, to say the least.  The author gives insight into the lives of the great men and women who influenced the decisions of his life. While reading, I had the feeling of being with George as he sat and spoke with each person.  Truly a great read, let us do it again, George. I ’ll be waiting!

And Chandra Stroud another Kentucky resident said, “What a privilege it was to sit in my favorite chair in my favorite room with “Moments in the Shadow of Greatness” in hand.  George mindfully guides you through each page of his personal journey as it intersects with the most power-filled,

influential, intentional, and down to earth individuals that ever graced the planet. Under the low lamp light of my favorite room, I was transcended by George’s stories and his ability to “write” you into his life narrative…filled with divine orchestrated moments like Gordon Parks responding to his letter even when due to Mr. Parks’ time constraints, hundreds went unanswered! Easy to read and easy to “feel”, the sacred moments that George experienced with these monumental individuals, left an indelible imprint on my spirit, mind and heart!

Moments in the Shadow of Greatness – Volume One will be released Worldwide to the public online and in stores beginning December 1, 2020.  Pre-release single copies and Bulk Orders of 150, 250 and 500 are available for a limited time by going to .


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