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I often tell my colleagues that knowledge is power only if you know how to use it.” This is especially true for people attempting to use  information provided by traditional news media to operate their companies, take care of their families or make investments.  Americans are living at a time when critical information on vital issues facing this country go beyond the dinner table and U.S. borders.

The current state of affairs in Washington, DC require people to consider issues from a different perspective.  The age of getting news and information from one source or one news entity has ended.  To be truly informed people must put in due diligence and seek out a number of sources in order to form a worldly perspective.    Throughout the year, BeeNetwork News . com will provide links to alternate sources of news and information for your preview.

The following links will guide you to, and Al Jazeera America.  I hope that by providing these options, you the reader, can begin to broaden your perspective as you grapple with the vital issues facing our nation and the world.



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