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Beenetwork Media Group (BMG), and the Positive Images That Invoke Self Esteem (PITISE) Publishers Group are proud to make available “Moments in the Shadow of Greatness Volume One” the first in a series of books by George L. Addison, Jr. It provides a fresh look and perspective of known and unknown movers and shakers that have impacted America and the world.

This book profiles Michelle Obama, Muhammad Ali, Andrew Young, Jessie M. Rattley, Gordon Parks and Barack Obama. Get your copy today for your home library or organization. Available at these locations Amazon, Walmart, Alibris, Books – A – Million, Book Baby .

“Moments in the Shadow of Greatness,” An absolute must-read for anyone searching for positive influences or role-models of recognized self-worth and prominence. George offers his readers a dazzling glimpse into the lives of people with courage and fortitude, while simultaneously, defying the odds. This book was exhilarating, captivating, and very thought-provoking, to say the least. The author gives insight into the lives of the great men and women who influenced the decisions of his life. While reading, I had the feeling of being with George as he sat and spoke with each person. Truly a great read, let us do it again, George. I ’ll be waiting!”

Lorraine Brown
Inspiring and motivational stories about people that have impacted America, their culture and the World.

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